Catherina Gomes June 23, 2017

Ethical, Sustainable Fashion for Trendsetters - The Story of 700 Rivers

Catherina Gomes

Hello Trendsetters,

We’re 700 Rivers – a sophisticated, sustainable fashion brand born in Raleigh, North Carolina. We create stylish apparel for a modern woman with cosmopolitan flair. However, we’re more than just trendy eco-fashion and colorful upcycled fabrics. 700 Rivers is on a mission to combat poverty and injustice in Bangladesh and reduce the alarming amounts of waste produced by the textile industry.

Our founder’s home country of Bangladesh is growing to be the number 1 exporter of western brand apparel in the entire world. Unfortunately, this high demand is tied to large retailers exploiting Bangladeshi workers for cheap labor. Millions of women within the garment industry are not paid fair wages, and the factories they spend 12-16 hours working in per day are far from meeting safety standards.

In 2013, the world’s eyes were opened. On a hot spring day, the eight-story Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh’s capital city collapsed, killing more than 1,100 workers and publicly exposing the horrors of the fashion industry worldwide. With all eyes on the them, companies promised better future working conditions but still have failed to deliver effective change.

Ethical Fashion Protest

700 Rivers is on a mission to change this and we’re going to do it our way. Our goal is to train Bangladeshi artisans to sew our apparel, to pay fair wages for their work, and provide them with safe working conditions. We’re going to provide our workers with a space to work with dignity and ensure they are paid enough wages to do more than simply survive in exchange for their hard-work and talent.

Focused on sustainability, 700 Rivers produces our stylish apparel by upcycling beautiful saris, the local apparel of Bangladesh made of 6 yards of colorful cotton fabrics with embellished prints and designs.

These saris are given new life by being transformed into modern apparel that suits a cosmopolitan style. By creating new apparel out of traditional Bangladeshi clothing, we help make fashion circular and keep beautiful fabrics out of the landfills.

Fabric Landfill

In future lines, we plan to also use 100% organic cotton fabrics colored with natural vegetable dyes.

One of our favorite things about our eco-friendly clothing is that our line will be filled with beautiful prints and embroidery that are characteristic of Bangladeshi culture. We hope you enjoy the clothes as much as we enjoyed designing and creating them. All of our products will be handmade by Bangladeshi artisans.

By choosing 700 Rivers, you are choosing fair-wages, eco-friendly fabrics, and a chic wardrobe with a cosmopolitan flair.

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